AIWD0085 Details

Product ID: AIWD0085

Wooden Doors

Product Description:
This massive antique two-shutter Gujarati Haveli door is over 120 years old. Made of teakwood, the intricate details at the head and frame of the door make it an iconic piece. Two brackets protrude out at either side of the door and have very intricate carvings of elephants and motifs. The center of the door panel has the carving of God Ganesha. It has two stone bases that support the door. These intricate carvings were often created by hand using chisels and other hand tools, which lend the door a unique texture and add to its vintage appeal. The door features intricate carvings and details that are unique to the Gujarati region.

Product Specification:
220 x 60 x 269 CM

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